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I was a Communication Major in college, and I spent a great portion of my time in school writing various essays, articles, blog posts, responses, discussion posts, and more. This classwork has prepared me well to both write and edit articles, create website copy, write video scripts, and many other forms of written content. I am now an MBA candidate at Boston University, and have written many papers which delve deeply into important business topics related to each class. Examples of my copy writing abilities for social media can be found on Ruberto, Israel & Weiner, PC's LinkedIn page, which I manage. Here are a few examples of what I consider to be my best written works.

This paper was from MO712: Leading Organizations and People. It was a leadership class which focused on the challenges faced by executives in today's business world. We learned many different techniques to tackle a wide variety of business problems, and at the end of the course we were asked to create an action plan for ourselves to follow based on one topic we learned. I chose to circulate my plan around developing stronger relationships with the attorneys at my firm. I followed through with putting this plan into action, and found that those relationships greatly improved.

This project was from CMN 666: Conversation Analysis, which I took in the Fall of 2020. This was the final project for the class, and we were to select a practice found in class data that had been gathered at the beginning of the semester, find as many examples of it as we could, and pick the three or four best cases of that practice to analyze. We then wrote a full scientific CA (Conversation Analysis) report on our findings. I feel that this is a great example of my writing ability in a more scientific and academic format, and demonstrates that I am able to change my writing style to follow different guidelines and fit with different settings.

This Executive Memo project was for ES740: Leadership Communication. This was a half-semester class which focused on best practices for executive communication, and this was the first piece of work we had to turn in. We read a case study on Boeing's response to their plane crashes in 2018 and 2019, and were asked to write this memo from the perspective of the VP of Communications at Boeing to a supervisor discussing research on crisis communication and examples of success/failure.

This project was from CMN 702: Sport Communication, which I took in the Spring of 2020. This was a semester-long project, in which each student selected a 'practice,' found video and audio footage of examples of that practice, did analysis of their practice, and finally wrote a full academic report on the research and analysis they did throughout the semester. I include this here because it is another great example of my ability to write in an academic writing style, as well as my ability to make something extremely complex seem a bit easier to understand. 

This essay was from Spanish 797: Topics in Latin American History, Comics, which I took in the Spring of 2019. For this final project, each student selected a comic that we had studied in class and wrote a 5-7 page paper about the history of that comic and the analysis we had done in class. This essay demonstrates my ability to both write proficiently in Spanish and to deeply understand Spanish literature. Though I have other examples of essays with Spanish literature as the topic, this one is my favorite because of the lightheartedness of comics and how much fun I had writing it.

This essay was from CLAS 601: The Power of Myth, which I took in the Fall of 2018. This class spent the semester reading and analyzing various classic texts, finishing with the Iliad. This essay was an analysis of the relationship between classic art and classic text in the context of the Iliad. I include this because it demonstrates my ability to write in a different academic format, with a different voice and more freedom in my word choice than when I write scientific papers.

This essay was the first essay I wrote for CMN 457: Intro to Language and Social Interaction, which I took in the Spring of 2019. This was a guided essay in that it was broken down into three sections and we were given specific instructions on what to include in each section. This essay asked us to think deeply about the world around us, our own experiences and how they affected our perception of the world, and then to choose a friend with a very different perspective and question why they think the way they do. This was the first essay I wrote for my Communication Major.

This is my favorite piece of writing from my entire college career. This paper is from PHYS 405: Intro to Modern Astronomy, which I took in the Spring of 2018. This class gave the option of either a weekly lab or a 9 page research paper on a topic of your choice - I chose to write the paper, and I chose black holes as my topic. I have never had so much fun researching and writing a paper as I did with this one; I started working on it a month early because I was so excited to do research. I include this to show how my work improves when I am passionate about and interested in the content of what I am working on.

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